Which Key Signature Is The BEST One
For Any Given Piece of Classical Guitar Music ?

                                                                                   The composer's original key ?

                                                                                                   Surprisingly, maybe not, but 
                                                                                             if you don't try it in some other keys ...
                                                                                                           you'll never know !

                                                             Announcing a New Lesson Series !
"Mastering the Signature Key"
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                                                                          Finally Discover Which Key
                                                                                          is the Signature Key for your favorite pieces !

                                                             This new series will present some of the most popular pieces for classical guitar
                                                                 in various key signatures so you can decide which one works best for your
                                                                                                     intrepretive and musical skills.

                                                                         Beginners will expand their fret board skills while learning to 
                                                                                              make musically interpretive choices.

                                                 Intermediate to advanced players will be able to apply their existing
                                                                            technique to explore new vistas within their favorite music.

                                                                                Now, you can simply turn the page and play the same piece 
                                                                                 in a new key signature without having to take the time to
                                                                                                   write new versions out long hand.

                              An Exciting New Approach To Learning Popular Pieces of Music For Classical Guitar !

                                                   Experience the Uniquely Different Musical Personalities That
                                          One Piece of Music Takes On When Played in Different Key Signatures !

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                                                                                                                               Future Pieces to be sold separately.

          The First Piece In This Series is
       Fernando Sor's Famous Study #22 Op. 35
       Presented in Five Key Signatures

            $  99.95 USD


The Second Piece In This Series is the Famous
Traditional piece, Greensleeves
       Presented in Three Key Signatures 
       with Music Staff and Tablature

       Introductory 3 Day Limited Time Offer For Subscribers

$  14.95 USD